Close-up of Philip Kennedy tuning a piano

Piano Renovation

Phil can arrange for the complete renovation of a piano if this is appropriate. He collaborates with experienced professional piano technicians throughout the UK and this enhances the service that he can offer.

Renovation could include any repairs to the piano's soundboard and bridges, a replacement wrest plank, re-stringing and re-pinning throughout with quality German wire and new tuning pins. Work will include complete renovation of the action and keyboard, offering the fitting of new Renner or Abel hammers to quality instruments. For the renovation of Steinway pianos, only Steinway original parts are recommended and used.

All necessary work will be done and the piano will be finely tuned and voiced when it is returned to the client. It is usual for the complete piano to be removed to the workshop for this type of work to be carried out. Experienced carriers are used who will carefully collect and return the instrument on completion. In certain cases a loan piano can be provided whilst restoration is taking place.

Please contact Phil to arrange an inspection visit where it will be possible to assess the condition of your piano and offer informed advice.